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The Black Keys - Chop and Change

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Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway

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Girls of Riyadh

Has anybody read it? I need to read it for a class and am having a hard time staying focused. Even though it’s kinda interesting the whole thing is going against my nature. We’re supposed to look at it from a cultural point of view but from my atheist point of view I can’t understand how someone is willing to lead their life a certain way because their god wants them to. And also from my western point of view I can’t wrap my head around the whole culture and how women are treated. It’s so backwards and like they stood still in time. Of course I’m not finished yet but the constant references to their god and praying is going on my nerves.

Sorry for the whining but required reading ain’t my thing. I like to choose my books myself.

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Als deutscher Tourist im Ausland steht man vor der Frage, ob man sich anständig benehmen muß oder ob schon deutsche Touristen dagewesen sind.

Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935), deutscher Schriftsteller

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